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Appeals review the record created at the trial level for legal errors. The facts are generally closed but the interpretation of the application of the facts to the law is reviewed. It is imperative to create the appropriate record at the trial level to find success at the appeal level. Experienced trial lawyers like Johansson and Lopez Attorneys know how to create the appropriate record for success on appeal. Attorney Johansson won reversal of the trial court for failing to hear evidence on a suppression issue. The key of course was filing an affidavit of the defendant’s proposed testimony even thought the trial court did not open the record for such testimony. With Johansson and Lopez Attorneys creating the appropriate record, the appellate court would not have reversed the trial judge. Contact Johansson and Lopez Attorneys at 954-745-7517 for your trial needs as well as appellate needs.

We offer Federal Criminal Appeals and defense in Fort Lauderdale’s federal court to drug trafficking charges, fraud, racketeering or any other matter.

Always representing your interests, the Law Office of Johansson & Lopez will ensure the protection of your legal rights and present your arguments to the court in the upmost professional manner during all proceedings.

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