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A person accused of a state charges has the right to a Jury by Trial and the Right to Confront his Accusers. These are valuable civil rights that often are not exercised enough to expose the state’s chicanery and the false testimony of its witnesses. It is essential that those charged with state criminal offenses seek an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the ins and outs of the state system and can effectively defend them against their charges. The prosecutors know which criminal defense attorneys are true trial attorneys who try cases; the plea offers will be better for a defendant represented by a true trial attorney because the prosecutors do want the weaknesses of their cases exposed – often leading to acquittals. Don’t hesitate and call experienced criminal trial attorneys like Johansson and Lopez Attorneys immediately at 954-745-7517. The prosecutors know the experienced trial attorneys.

Always representing your interests, the Law Office of Johansson & Lopez will ensure the protection of your legal rights and present your arguments to the court in the upmost professional manner during all proceedings.

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