Tax Evasion and Fraud Lawyer Broward County Fort Lauderdale

Tax Evasion and Fraud Lawyer Broward County Fort Lauderdale

Many federal white collar prosecutions are for tax crimes, such as tax evasion, failure to file income tax returns, or tax fraud. ,Often times the cases involve the mis-valuation of assets or the careless failure to report certain monies or assets.  The interpretations are subjective so the defenses abound.  The consequences of IRS criminal investigations can be very serious.  This is why you need an experienced criminal tax attorney to guide you through the process.  These cases involve many types of conduct, ranging from the simple failure to file tax returns to more complicated tax evasion schemes.  The possible penalties include imprisonment, heavy fines, and financial ruin.

If you or your company are concerned about a potential criminal tax investigation for tax fraud or tax evasion, if someone has threatened to report you to the IRS, if you or an employee has received a summons or subpoena, or been contacted by IRS Special Agents, call Johansson and Lopez Attorneys at 954-745-7517 immediately

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